Our Work

Puntland Network Forum support research and implementation of action against climate change around the globe. We generate and share knowledge on tracking climate action, green transition, digital transformation and sustainable agriculture.


Our goal is to create new research ideas especially in renewable energy and climate change in Africa. Our highly ambitious, collaborative, multidisciplinary community of researchers possess a common goal of tackling the biggest challenges of our time.

Work with us

Achieving sustainable and eco-friendly energy for all in Africa requires innovative, efficient and collaborative partnerships. We have a wide network of thousand partners from different countries includes organizations, universities, SMEs and startups.

Green Transition

Our is instrumental in helping national authorities design and implement reforms that support their climate ambitions. We help in developing market-based support schemes for renewable energy and energy efficiency investments.

Digital Transformation

We facilitate research and innovation in agriculture and the integration of digital technology into all areas of business.

We believe that it is essential that digital transformation is used to realize the future of industry across traditional sectors such as agriculture and manufacturing.

Climate Change

Our research improves awareness and dissemination of knowledge on the impact of climate change on human health, communities and the environment.

The scientific information we compile can be used by communities to effectively and sustainably manage the impacts from a quickly changing world.

Sustainable Agriculture

We strive to be an integral component in helping to create the future of sustainable, profitable and high quality African agricultural supply chains through research and technological innovation.

We are dedicated to the promotion and development of sustainable agriculture education by providing resources for people seeking published research in this field.

Our Partners

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